Ostrom as Leading Digital Energy Provider

We offer energy at cost price from 100% renewable sources — with an all digital approach. Offering a variable or dynamic tariff, we cover all customer needs.

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Become a partner of Ostrom and help us counteract the climate crisis. Support our mission to reduce energy consumption through smart technologies.

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Ostrom is a market leader in green energy:
We Embrace forward-thinking technologies that combine sustainability with cutting-edge technology. Our platform offers the latest innovations in smart energy optimization and management.


Forward-Thinking Innovation

We continuously develop new features and optimizations to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and technology.


Commitment and Support for Excellence

Benefit from a partnership based on trust and transparency. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support and tailored advice to ensure that our partners can maximize the benefits of collaboration.


Easy & Digital

We offer customized solutions that allow partners to quickly adapt and expand their offering to respond to market changes and seize growth opportunities.