Let’s Be Clear — With One Tariff.

We love transparent pricing as much as anyone! Therefore, we offer just one single tariff with monthly cancellation, flexible and easy to understand for everyone.

Our Mindset: Transparent & Green

Since we want to help reduce your energy consumption, we detach our profits from it. In contrast to traditional providers, our tariff is based on the current market price, including government taxes and levies.

We only charge a flat 6€ basic fee to cover our costs, that's it!

€6 Ostrom Basic Fee

Energy Generation Costs

Other Taxes + Govt. Levies

Grid Fees

Fair Stays Fair

By observing the market at all times, we’re able to minimize the impact of price fluctuation.

Since we sell our electricity at cost, prices may rise — or fall — according to market prices. In contrast to other providers, we also pass down savings to our customers. In any case, we will inform you at least four weeks in advance.

Cancellation is free at all times.

Calculate Your Tariff

Meter Readings & Billing

Let’s get digital: Use the app to submit your meter reading, track your consumption, and change your monthly payment accordingly.

Your Consumption

For accurate billing, submit your current meter reading as soon as your contract starts. More readings (once a month) mean more accurate consumption predictions.

Only Pay for What You Use

With Ostrom, you only pay for the electricity you actually use. If you end up using less energy than expected, we'll refund the difference, and vice versa.

Adjust Your Deposit any Time

With the Ostrom App, you can track and overview your consumption at any time—and adjust your monthly payment accordingly.

A meter with the meter number Zählernummer shown.

Smart Meters

You can sign up with or without a smart meter—your rate stays the same.

As the infrastructure for smart meters is not yet widely available in Germany, we’ve waited to integrate automatic meter reading submissions, but we’re working on it! Either way, whether you have a smart meter or a manual meter, our app makes submissions super easy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in providing excellent customer service. But don’t just take our word for it: Hear it from customers who’ve already made the jump to Ostrom.