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About Smart Meters

A smart meter is a device that can accurately monitor and transmit your energy consumption in real time. In contrast to conventional meters, which require manual readings and often result in estimations, smart meters provide detailed and precise information about your energy usage. This data can be transmitted directly to your utility provider, eliminating the need for manual meter readings and ensuring that you are only billed according to your actual consumption.

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Careful: Digital and Smart Are Not the Same

Often, meters with a digital display are confused with smart meters. Meters with a digital display are usually called modern measuring devices. Only when a modern measuring device is combined with a communication unit (Smart Meter Gateway) does it become a smart meters. A digital display alone is therefore not sufficient for our dynamic tariff.

Our Dynamic Tariff

A smart meter, combined with our dynamic tariff, enables hourly, consumption-specific billing at the current market price (plus taxes, levies, and other procurement costs).

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Requirements for an Ostrom Smart Meter

You Must Be an Ostrom Customer

We currently offer our smart meters exclusively to our customers. If you're not already a customer, you can sign up for an electricity contract with us quickly and easily.

Access to the Current Electricity Meter or Meter Cabinet

On the day of the smart meter installation, you must have unrestricted access to the electricity meter or meter cabinet. Without access to the current electricity meter, we cannot install a smart meter at your location. Easy access is a must.

Presence during Installation

You must be at home during the smart meter installation. Since electricity meters and meter cabinets are located in your house, it is essential that you are at home during the installation. If the installation is cancelled due to absence, we will charge the associated costs.

Reception for Data Transmission

Your smart meter transmits electricity consumption data via a mobile network. Therefore, it is necessary to have mobile network (4G) reception at the location of the electricity meter.

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Smart Meter Installation

For the installation of our smart meters, we collaborate with Lackmann. They handle appointment scheduling, installation, and communication with the current meter operator. You can find detailed information on the smart meter installation process here.

1. Verify eligibility for Smart Meter purchase

To order a Smart Meter, you have to fulfill certain requirements:
1. You must be an Ostrom customer
2. You need to have access to your meter or meter cabinet
3. You need to be at home during the installation
4. You need to have mobile reception at the location of the meter (4G)

2. Smart Meter Purchase

You verify that all prerequisites for a smart meter installation are met and purchase your smart meter through our order form.

3. Appointment Scheduling

We will send you a proposed installation date. You now have four weeks to confirm or decline this appointment.

4. Appointment Confirmation

Once you confirm the appointment, it takes approximately eight weeks for the installation to take place.

5. Smart Meter Installation

The day of the installation has arrived. Please ensure that you are at home and have access to the current meter. If the installation will be cancelled due to absence, we will charge the associated costs.

6. Tariff Switch

Your smart meter is now installed. The new data must be sent to the grid operator. It may take some time for your smart meter to be registered in the grid operator's system. However, as soon as the meter is registered in our system, we will switch you to our SimplyDynamic tariff, and the savings can begin.

Smart Meter Cost

Switching to a smart meter changes the metering charges, which are part of the basic fee. The meter operation of your current meter is already covered by the basic fee. Depending on the delivery point (based on factors such as consumption, photovoltaic system, heat pump), the metering charges will be either 20 or 50 € per year.

The cost of installing the smart meter depends on your consumption.

With a consumption above 4,000 kWh per year, the Ostrom Smart Meter costs 99.95 € gross incl. taxes. With a consumption below 4,000 kWh per year, the Ostrom Smart Meter costs 349.90 € gross incl. taxes.

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Apply for Smart Meters via your local grid

You can already officially apply for smart meters at certain local grids. Please find more information in our Ostrom Smart Meter Workspace. There, you'll discover in which grid area you can request smart meters, what the requirements are, and how the process works. Just take a look here!

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Our Smart Integrations

Benefit from the cheapest hours of the electricity market with our integrations for Smart EV Charging, Smart Heating, and Solar.

Through our Ostrom App, you can easily connect your charging stations, electric vehicles, smart home devices, and/or solar system. This enables convenient control of the best charging hours for your car, ideal temperature setting for your home, and much more through the app.

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