Charge Your Electric Vehicle With Ostrom

We are piloting smart charging to allow our customers to charge an electric vehicle (EV) during the cheapest and greenest hours!

Let Us Do The Work

No more need to time your charging at the cheapest hours!

Always Green

Ostrom only ever sources from 100% renewable energy.

Smart Car, Smart Charging

See how much time is left to charge and overall charging time.


Charge Your EV During the Cheapest Hours

With our smart meters and EV charging integration, you can simply and easily plug-and-forget with your electric vehicle.

Simply plug in your vehicle over night and Ostrom will track which hours are cheapest and greenest. Save time, money and the environment. Easy.

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Get Your Zaptec Charger with Ostrom

How electric vehicle charging works and what you need to do.

Integrated with EV Chargers

Together with companies such as Zaptec, we can optimize your charging time through what's called asset steering, ensuring you only charge at the best hours.

Ostrom Customer Price

Get a charger cheaper when buying as an Ostrom customer: We have partnered with Zaptec so that our customers benefit even more when switching to an electric vehicle.

Delivered to you

Simply fill in our form and our team will reach out to you and help you through the process. Early users benefit from our ultra hands-on approach!

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Useful Things to Know about Your EV Charger

We are starting our pilot with our partner Zaptec. The charger will be the Zaptec Go model. It has 22 kW and has support for both Wi-Fi & 4G LTE.

Weighing just 1.3kg, the Zaptec Go blends in beautifully anywhere. Just one hour of charging yields around 100km range.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in providing excellent customer service. But don’t just take our word for it: Hear it from customers who’ve already made the move to Ostrom.