Smart Meter Initiative

Ostrom is part of the Smart Meter Initiative, launched by Octopus Energy, Tibber, and RABOT Charge, which aims to accelerate the deployment of smart meters in Germany.

Under the "Digital Restart for the Energy Transition" law, all German households will be guaranteed the right to smart meters from 2025.

We are already working with local network operators to develop efficient processes to enable a smooth rollout.

Smart meters play a crucial role in the energy transition. Combined with a dynamic electricity tariff, electricity can be consumed precisely when it is most affordable and typically also the greenest.

As our customers, you not only save money but also enable the shifting of loads to more favorable hours, relieving the grid, and balancing the volatility of renewable energies which are all necessities for the energy transition in Germany.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a device that can accurately monitor and transmit your energy consumption in real time. In contrast to conventional meters, which require manual readings and often result in estimations, smart meters provide detailed and precise information about your energy usage. This data can be transmitted directly to your utility provider, eliminating the need for manual meter readings andensuring that you are only billed according to your actual consumption.

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What is a dynamic tariff?

The electricity price on the wholesale energy market varies hourly. We always pass on the wholesale electricity price plus taxes and levies directly to you. In times of heavy winds, sunshine, or at night, electricity is cheaper. We at Ostrom enable you to take advantage of this and consume electricity at the cheapest time.

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How to Get Our Dynamic Tariff


Sign up for our SimplyFair Tariff via our website.

2. Grid Confirmation

As soon as your contract is confirmed, the grid operator will inform us if you have a smart meter and are eligible for our SimplyDynamic tariff.

3. Order Consumption Data

If we do not automatically receive your consumption data daily we will request it from the grid operator. This can take up to 8 weeks.

4. Switch to Our SimplyDynamic Tariff

Once we receive your consumption data, we will notify you and you will automatically have the option to switch to our dynamic tariff in the Ostrom App. Let the savings begin!

Ostrom’s Smart Products

Browse our smart products for even better control over your energy consumption. From smart meter integration to electric vehicle charging, optimising your consumption with Ostrom will benefit both the environment and your wallet!

Dynamic Pricing

Take control of your energy costs! Our Dynamic Pricing lets you compare your consumption to the hourly market prices so you can use more when it costs less, and vice versa.

THG Quote

If you own an electric vehicle you’re elligible for a bonus of up to 345€ a year with the THG Quote. Register now and our team will guide you through the application process.

Optimised Charging

Need your electric vehicle ready to go when you are? Just plug in and relax! With optimized charging, you can rely on the Ostrom app to charge your car during the cheapest hours.

Zaptec EV Charger

Charge Your Electric Vehicle (EV) With Ostrom—order a Zaptec charger right here and charge your EV during the cheapest and greenest hours using the Ostrom app.