Ostrom June 2022 Update: Referral Leaderboards + Ostrom Hoodie Rewards


Karl Villanueva

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Save on your energy bill AND win an awesome Ostrom hoodie!

We’ve just launched our Referral Leaderboard, which shows Ostrom app users where they rank among other customers for the number of people they have referred.

To celebrate this, we’re also announcing our new hoodie giveaway — on top of the usual 35 € per referral, the top 3 referrers per quarter will each win an awesome new Ostrom hoodie!

How can you win an Ostrom Hoodie?

Share your unique referral code with your friends, and we’ll track your progress on the Quarterly Referrals Leaderboard. You’ll see yourself move up the Leaderboard each time someone signs up using your code.

We’ll announce the 3 hoodie winners on Instagram on the last day of each quarter:

  • 31 March
  • 30 June
  • 30 September
  • 31 December
Our top 3 referrers win the same hoodies we have for the Ostrom team!

The Ostrom Referral Program

Our referral program is a win-win-win: for you, for Ostrom, and for the environment! Each time someone signs up using your unique referral code, you’ll both get 35€, and we get one more person switching to 100% green energy. We’ve already had loads of customers taking part, earning hundreds of euros each—that’s way more than any of the traditional utilities' Neukundenbonus.

You'll find your referral code in the Ostrom app, right above the new Leaderboard.

Don’t have the Ostrom App yet? Download it here!