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Team Profile

As of October, the Tech team is made up of eight individuals from six different countries. If you were to join the Tech-daily you would meet:

  • Marcus: CTO and architect of Ostrom’s tech platform. Ask him anything, he will find an answer. Uses the term "legend" on the regular and one could say is very passionate about all things football.
  • Taryn: the one behind all of Ostrom's designs: billboards, website, mobile app, you name it she most likely designed it! Customers praise the “great and easy to use interface” that she designed (Google Play Store from 28.06.2022). When not designing for Ostrom, you can find her DJing some sweet sets.
  • Ife: the main builder of Ostrom’s Mobile App which has received high praise on the app store. Everyone in the app stores love his work. No matter the situation you will always find him relaxed and stress free.
  • Jenifer: responsible for taking care of the sign-up process. She brings to life product ideas and enables a fast and bug-free user experience. She is part of developing Ostrom's mobile app.
  • Sabya: working on Ostrom’s backend, he ensures that everything runs smoothly. With Marcus, he is continually automating Ostrom’s processes which is an important ingredient in ensuring an excellent user experience for Ostrom customers.
  • Mahad: new to the team, recently joined as a backend developer. A quick learner and already very much part of the team.
  • Leon: as a product manager he is responsible for reviewing the requests from various stakeholders and translating them into a thought-out action plan via Jira for the Tech Team. If he is not in the office, you will find him hiking up a mountain or skiing.
  • Kai: supporting Leon, as a product intern he is looking into new product ideas and testing new software. Supporting the Operations team enables him to understand the needs of Ostrom's customers and identify areas for improvement.

Current workings of the team

Ostrom’s tech platform has three main pillars: customer sign-up, the mobile app and the operations dashboard. The Tech team ensures that the three pillars are secure, stable and scalable. Currently, the Tech team is working in close collaboration with the Operations team on new product offerings such as smart meters, EV charging and much more. From the initial idea, the Tech team brings the idea to life from building the platform to integrating it into Ostrom's processes.

What is the Tech team aiming for?

The energy market is up for disruption. Sustainable energy requires a smart technology setup that optimizes the energy consumption of each individual – this is a challenge the Tech team has accepted.

What is the Tech team's secret sauce? 

With the team being international, it allows the team to tap into diverse ideas and experiences enabling greater innovation.