Terms and Conditions - Price Break

Ostrom Price Brake GTC

Addition General Terms and Conditions of Aplus Energy GmbH

Only the German version of the GTC shall apply. The English version is only a convenience translation.

Version: 03.11.2023

  1. General Terms and Conditions: These contractual terms supplement the General Terms and Conditions of Aplus Energy GmbH. In the event of a conflict between these contractual terms and the General Terms and Conditions of Ostrom, these contractual terms shall take precedence.
  2. How does the Ostrom Price Brake work? The Ostrom price brake is an additional module that existing SimplyFair tariff customers can add to their tariff. The Ostrom Price Brake establishes a maximum price limit for the regular unit price within the SimplyFair tariff, which applies for one year from the start date. When activated for a contract, the price applied will be the lesser of the SimplyFair tariff's rate or the established maximum price, specified in the currently valid offer or product sheet of the Ostrom price brake. Details regarding the composition of the working price in the SimplyFair tariff can be found in Section 12 of the GTC.
  3. How long is the Ostrom price brake active? The fixed maximum price is valid for one year. The start and end date of the Ostrom price cap can be found in the currently valid offer or product sheet.
  4. What does the Ostrom price break cost and how is this billed? A fee is charged for the use of the Ostrom Price Brake, which is specified in the currently valid offer or product sheet of the Ostrom Preisbremse. This fee is billed annually and due two weeks after the start of the Ostrom Price Brake. The payment method is based on what's set in the SimplyFair tariff.
  5. Who can use the Ostrom price brake? The Ostrom Price Brake is available to all SimplyFair tariff customers who have an anticipated annual electricity consumption of less than 15,000 kWh. Customers of other tariffs, especially the SimplyDynamic tariff, cannot avail of this offer. Aplus Energy GmbH reserves the right to reject customers based on the above criteria.
  6. How can the Ostrom price brake be cancelled? Termination of the Ostrom Price Brake must occur at least one month before the end of the current term. Without timely termination, the contract automatically extends for another year. In the event of early termination of the Ostrom Price Brake, there is no entitlement to a refund of fees. Thus, the full annual fee is charged regardless of the point of termination
  7. Miscellaneous: If points in these terms and conditions do not apply, our regular terms and conditions shall apply.