The Intersection of Sustainability and Tech: Dance x Ostrom


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When Ostrom was looking for a new partner to give employees a more flexible, greener way to commute, Dance certainly stood out. The electromobility subscription company based in Berlin shared many values with Ostrom’s own: electric at its core, sustainable goals, and the overall goal of keeping it simple for the customer. We checked in with Ostrom’s Co-Founder Karl Villanueva to see how the project is going and discuss just why this partnership makes sense now more than ever.

Why is Dance the chosen mobility service for Ostrom employees?

We think Dance combines the best of cars, bikes and public transport all in one! It’s just extremely easy to get from A to B without breaking a sweat and without worrying about delays. Moreover, the super fast delivery, onboarding and usage of course makes it even better.

So, do you agree with Dance when they say “the future is electric”?

I think in the last few years, all the factors that skeptics have given for electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility have disappeared. Electric modes of transportation are now faster, green electricity used to charge the car has become more widespread, and the charging infrastructure is growing. I think we’re used to seeing things as trade-offs. But now with more renewables and electric vehicles, we can have the best of both worlds—fast and efficient transportation that keeps our planet green!

Do you think Germany is ready for electric? How would you rate its current infrastructure?

My personal grade for now is that Germany is a B-. There are many things that are there but need to come together to become an A+. Firstly, smart meter penetration is just abysmally low compared to our European peers (single-digit percentage for Germany vs 100% for countries like Norway). Smart measurement is what allows us to optimize charging of our EVs and e-bikes. Secondly, the charging infrastructure is good but could be better, especially for the faster charger variants. More widespread availability of at-home EV charging stations are also needed, something we are looking to address. Thirdly, adoption of EVs and e-bikes have much room to grow vs. their internal combustion engine counterparts.

Speaking of charging, then, is it easy to charge your electric bike? 

Yeah, the great thing about the Dance bike is that it does not require special charging station installed at home, unlike electric vehicles. The charger it comes with works with any standard plug in the house.

How does the cost and convenience of electric compare to a car or public transport? 

I’ve been using our Dance bike for several months now, and I find that it is saving me around 50€ to 100€ per month compared to what I had before with a mix of public transport tickets, scooter rentals and ride hailing bookings.

While Ostrom employees benefit from the Dance for business package, their e-bikes and mopeds are of course also available to individuals. When you choose an electric bike or vehicle, Ostrom offers a clear dashboard in the app so you can easily keep track of your energy consumption. Plus, when combined with a smart meter and our upcoming dynamic tariff, users will have complete transparency over electricity costs and will therefore be able to charge their e-bike during the times when electricity is cheapest. And what better feeling than to know that it's green energy! 

Did you see: Ostrom and Dance are running a giveaway on Instagram! Check it out on our profile to see how you can win a three-month e-bike subscription. Entry closes April 30th 2023.