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Team Profile

As of October, the Marketing team is currently made up of four individuals. The team includes:

  • OG Meme Lord & CMO, Karl [Tableau-or-it-didn’t-happen] Villanueva
  • Wannabe-Yogi & Performance Marketing Lead, Clarize [what's-the-CVR] Marais
  • Brand guru & Senior Digital Designer, Taryn [follow-the-brand-guide] Hart
  • Big foodie & Social Media Manager, Dolly [hey-can-we-post-this] Hughes

Current workings of the team

Currently, there is a strong focus on building a solid foundation of organic marketing. This is done through interesting Instagram/LinkedIn content pieces and entertaining TikTok and Reel videos. From this, the best-performing content is then used in paid marketing activities to reach more people who would be interested in an all-digital green energy provider.

The main performance marketing channels used are Search & Paid Social. You’ll most likely find the ads at the top of the Google Search results, in your Instagram/Facebook feed, while surfing your favorite Subreddit or in the TikTok For You page. By being a mobile-first company, it is crucial to continually optimize the Apple App Store & Google Play Store listings whilst ensuring users find the app easily.

The team is also focusing on expanding partnerships with other like-minded companies and collaborating with publishers who are sharing valuable information with Ostrom’s audience.

Aim for the Marketing team

To inform, educate, entertain & create overall value for Ostrom’s audience through providing interesting, relevant or when possible, humorous content. When memorable and convincing enough, the audience is more likely to sign up to have Ostrom as their energy provider.

Performance-wise, the goal is to have a low CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) whilst still keeping the upper funnel channels like Paid Social healthy to help feed growth through lower funnel channels like Search.

Teams secret sauce

Passionate about what they do and obsessed with data. The team is a perfect blend of creativity, innovative thinking, analytical skills and data-backed reasoning that ensures Ostrom’s marketing is both fun, interesting & extremely effective. Whether it’s A/B testing, pursuing a new growth channel or jumping on the latest TikTok trend, whatever it may be you can be assured data is always collected to measure impact and maximize team learning.