Ostrom 1st Birthday: How It Started vs. How It's Going


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Ostrom's 1st year: From Zero to One

We launched Ostrom in May 2021 with little fanfare. True to our launch early and continuous deployment mantra, every day our website, app, operations, tech and support improve for our customers. We push new features in days or weeks that take our competitors months or years. And, of course, we do all this while supporting new renewable generation capacity via direct power purchasing agreements (PPAs).

Ostrom By The Numbers

Only one year on, the numbers speak for themselves:

Screenshot of Ostrom website from May 2021.
How It Started: Our MVP website & app in built in 4 months. Somehow still better than the Stadtwerke.
Screenshot of Ostrom redesigned website from May 2022.
How It's Going: 4.9 Trustpilot, AI-based chatbot, 5-minute signup, cleaner interface and design, even more PPAs.

Ostrom in 2030: Leading Energy Management Platform in Europe

Our vision remains the same — that Ostrom will be the leading B2C energy management platform in Europe by 2030 to manage all your energy needs. The current electrification wave means smart meters, electric vehicles, heat pumps, solar panels and more all requiring dynamic real-time tariffs and predictive load balancing. This makes energy cheaper for our customers and incentivizes them to use less.

Ostrom: the energy management platform at the center.

Now is the time to scale in Europe’s largest market

Every year we hear it and every year it becomes more urgent. The IPCC report shows that in order to stay within 1.5ºC of warming, greenhouse emissions must peak by 2025. Bringing down our atmospheric CO2 from the current 419.0 ppm back down to 350.0 ppm means we must make it as easy as possible for consumers to say no to fossil fuels and yes to renewables.

As Russia's war in Ukraine has evidently shown, having localized power generation guarantees energy security for Germany and Europe. Building reliable wind, solar and hydro power generation within our borders now means reduced reliance on imports.

With 42 million households, Germany is by far the largest energy market in Europe. While Germany has a high and growing penetration of renewables, it is playing catch-up to our Nordic friends who are farther along the digitilization curve with smart meters and dynamic tariffs.

This presents Ostrom with a unique chance to “travel back in time” and capitalize on the digitization and electrification opportunities available within Germany, the same opportunities available in the Nordics 10 years ago.

Ostrom is the only digital utility having achieved product-market fit in Germany

We firmly believe that only Ostrom has achieved true product-market fit within Germany in the energy space for the consumer. Our dinosaur competitors think of customers as a problem  — whereas at Ostrom we think they are central to the product. We genuinely believe that traditional energy companies struggling or even hesitant to digitize will fail in the next 10 years.

With our Ostrom app at the core, we want to create a unified experience for our customers’ increasing energy needs as smart meters, E-Bikes, EVs & heat pumps move from niche to commonplace.

Ostrom has the best team and investors

Our team of 16 with our X-er hiring policy. We hire the best people and equip them with the right tools and tech to be a multiplier. We are constantly amazed that our team deploys products faster, optimizes our processes, and and reaches more customers than the slow incumbents.

We are also backed by an amazing group of investors such as 468 Capital, J12 Ventures, Global Founders Capital and Übermorgen Ventures. With true believers who see our vision eye-to-eye, their continued support helps us mitigate climate change and improve energy security.

Ostrom Is Just Getting Started!

As we turn 1 this month, we can celebrate how far we have come and know that we still have far more to go.

This is why at Ostrom we work hard to ensure that customers can transparently measure & manage their electricity use and know that it only comes from renewable sources. Through our direct PPAs, we continue to invest in local, green energy within Germany to improve our energy security.

Reach out to us if you are interested in joining the Ostrom journey as a customer, a team member or as an investor!