Ostrom Launches Dynamic Pricing Tariff


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The Ostrom Dynamic Tariff

Finally, we are excited to announce a new tariff—our dynamic tariff, SimplyDynamic is here! Ostrom now enables all customers who already have a smart meter to consume electricity when it is the cheapest and greenest.

Given the recently passed Smart Meter Rollout Law(Gesetz zum Neustart der Digitalisierung der Energiewende BGBl. 2023 I Nr. 133 vom 26.05.2023), we at Ostrom are one of the first energy providers in Germany to deliver the full benefits of smart meters to our customers.

Save Money With Our Dynamic Tariff

You might already be aware, but did you know that the electricity price on the wholesale energy market varies hourly? With a smart meter, we can bill you at the current hourly rate so you can use electricity when it is cheaper. Soon, you will be able to view your electricity consumption, bills, and everything else at the tip of your fingers with the Ostrom app. It is the best way to get the most out of your smart meter.

For example, pairing our SimplyDynamic tariff with our Smart EV Charging integration means that you can charge your electric vehicle during the cheapest and greenest hours at night.

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How To Get It

Be one of our first customers to experience our dynamic tariff by signing up for it here. We check if your meter is eligible and if that’s the case, you can start right away to profit from using electricity when it’s cheap.

What You’ll Need

You need to have a smart meter for our dynamic tariff. Smart meters are digital energy meters with an integrated communication gateway that enables us to receive your consumption data from the metering point operator and bill you at the current hourly rate.

In fact, we wrote a nice guide on our blog how you can tell if your meter at home is indeed a smart meter. In this video here you can find more details about the devices and how Germany wants to roll out smart meters in the next years.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a smart meter yet and feel like you missed out: You’ll soon be able to get one directly from Ostrom as a pilot project in the next few months and hopefully a full rollout very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

By the way…

Know someone with a smart meter? Maybe they’d like to become an Ostrom customer and experience our dynamic tariff, too! As an Ostrom customer, you can share your referral code and when they make the switch, you’ll both get 35€.