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At Ostrom, we believe in the power of partnerships to amplify the benefits we provide to our customers. By teaming up with companies like Dance, Finn, Wundertax, and Luko, we help you be more environmentally and financially sustainable even beyond your energy supply.

As our valued customer, you have the opportunity to enjoy perks and benefits from our partner companies. Enjoy great exclusive offers and join us in shaping a sustainable future, where energy meets innovation.

Partner perks with Ostrom

Dance Bikes 🛵

Looking for an e-bike or electric moped to get around town? Enjoy 25% discount off for the first four months of your Dance subscription!


Prefer to have your car on subscription? FINN has a huge range of vehicles including electric models. Ostrom customers can get 100 euros discount on your first month of your FINN car.

Wundertax 💸

Taxes… Phewph! Wundertax makes it much easier for a small fee. And with Ostrom, you make that fee even smaller with a €5 saving off your tax return with the platform.

Velio 🚲

Bikes for the more adventurous: Velio offers a large range of bikes and e-bikes for mountain, trekking and more. Save €80 on your Velio bike as an Ostrom customer. City bikes also available.

Konfetti 🎫

Team or group events, interesting courses; Konfetti is a great way to learn a new skill and have some fun. With Ostrom, save €10 discount on a Konfetti workshop or gift card.

Luko 🏠

Insurance made straightforward with Luko. We all think about it, so why not just get it sorted: Save 15 euros on Luko home content insurance with your Ostrom code.

WEtell 📱

WEtell is the first sustainable mobile phone service provider and is carbon-neutral with monthly contracts. Get a 25€ bonus on your mobile data service with your Ostrom code.

Everdrop 💧

All everdrop household and hygience products avoid single-use plastic and unnecessary chemicals, as well as reduce up to 97% CO2 emissions in transport. Use your Ostrom code for 10% off everdrop and keep and your home truly clean.

Got Bag 🎒

Vom Müll zum Schatz: stylische und praktische Rucksäcke aus recyceltem Ocean Impact Plastic. Mit deinem Ostrom Code erhältst du 10 % Rabatt auf diese eleganten, nachhaltigen Designs.

Avocado Store 🥑

Avocado Store is your online marketplace for eco-fashion and a green lifestyle. Here, you will find a diverse selection of exclusively sustainable products from well-known eco brands, young labels, and local stores. Browse through the latest fashion, yoga supplies, home furnishings, and save 8%.


Buy refurbished devices sustainably at rebuy: Get electronics with a three-year warranty, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and much more. Or would you prefer books, games, music and films? Ostrom customers get 5% discount on electronic items and media from a minimum order value of €20.

It's All in the App

Make sure to check the perks page in the app for the most up-to-date list of perks. All codes you’ll need are displayed in the Ostrom app when you’re signed in as a customer.

Hey Partner, Are We a Match?

If you’re a company that would like to partner up, get in touch! We are happy to hear from you.