Ostrom Wallet: Our New and Improved Referral System


Karl Villanueva


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Exciting news about the continued success of our Ostrom referral program! We have seen our community grow over time and we are very grateful to be in this journey together with our loyal customers. We can't thank you enough for significantly contributing to our growth by sharing your codes with family and friends.

Until now, the way we rewarded referrals required you to pay your full monthly bill first and then receive refunds for every successful referral. This method made it hard to track your payouts and we have heard your call for an easier process.

We've been listening to customer feedback and taking on your comments, and we are proud to announce an exciting upgrade to an easier process.

New and Improved System for the Ostrom Wallet!

There are now two ways to use your referral bonus:

  1. 35 € credited to your invoice: You can now see all the referral credits you have earned and transfer them to your invoice in the Ostrom App. This means you will have full control over when you want your bonus to be paid out. Simply request an invoice to have your bonuses credited.
  2. 50 € credited to the Store: As an exclusive bonus to our customers, we have launched our Ostrom Store at store.ostrom.de and in the Ostrom App. We have smart home devices from smart speakers and smart thermostats to electric vehicle (EV) chargers. If you choose to use your referral bonus in the store, your 35 € becomes 50 € store credit!

To sum up: You will still receive all referral bonuses as always. This change simply gives you more control over how they are paid out, thus helping you track your bonuses much more easily.

Overall we hope this saves you time and gives you easier access to your rewards. Your satisfaction is our priority and look forward to you benefitting from this more seamless experience.