Ostrom Becomes a Partner of the Smart Meter Initiative


Matthias Martensen


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  • The Berlin-based electricity provider Ostrom is strengthening the smart meter initiative, which aims to promote the rollout of intelligent metering systems in Germany
  • On the metering point operator side, N-ERGIE Netz from Nuremberg, TEN Thüringer Energienetze and Mainzer Netze are now cooperating with the initiative alongside Netze BW and EWE NETZ
  • The common goal: to develop scalable and efficient processes for the installation of smart meters
  • Photo L-R: Jan Rabe (Rabot Charge), Merlin Lauenberg (Tibber), Bastian Gierull (Octopus Energy), Matthias Martensen (Ostrom)

Berlin, 07.03.2024 — The Smart Meter Initiative, founded in January 2024, has a new partner after just under a month. The Berlin startup Ostrom, a leading German provider of dynamic electricity tariffs, is joining the alliance with immediate effect.

The Smart Meter Initiative was launched by the electricity providers Octopus Energy, Tibber and RABOT Charge and aims to work with metering point operators to promote the spread of smart electricity meters. At the launch of the Smart Meter Initiative, the companies are also receiving support from EWE NETZ and Netze BW, two metering point and distribution network operators that are already heavily involved in the topic.

The members of the initiative are pursuing the vision that, with the help of smart meters, their customers only pay as much for their electricity as it currently costs on the electricity exchange instead of a fixed price per kilowatt hour consumed. In combination with dynamic electricity tariffs, electricity can be consumed when it is cheaper and therefore generally also particularly green. This is because when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, solar panels and wind turbines produce a lot of green electricity that can be used for electric cars and heat pumps. Smart metering systems are therefore a decisive factor in the success of the energy transition.

"Together we are stronger," says Matthias Martensen, co-founder and CEO of Ostrom, adding: "We are very much looking forward to complementing the Smart Meter Initiative as a partner. Together with the metering point operators, we are getting ready for the smart meter rollout in 2025."

With the entry into force of the Gesetzes zum Neustart der Digitalisierung der Energiewende (Act to Restart the Digitization of the Energy Transition), all German households will have the right to install a smart meter from 2025. In order to meet the expected demand, the Smart Meter Initiative is now working with the metering point operators responsible for the installation to develop an efficient and economical process for the rollout at an early stage. The initiative is currently in advanced talks with three other metering point and distribution network operators, Mainzer Netze GmbH, N-ERGIE Netz GmbH from Nuremberg, TEN Thüringer Energienetze GmbH & Co. KG, and the associated TMZ Thüringer Mess- und Zählerwesen Service GmbH as a service provider for basic metering point operation.

About the Smart Meter Initiative

The Smart Meter Initiative, founded in January 2024, consists of the digital green energy providers Octopus Energy, RABOT Charge, Tibber and Ostrom. Together, the companies want to support and accelerate the smart meter rollout in Germany. As pioneers of dynamic tariffs, they are working with metering point and distribution network operators to promote the early installation of smart meters. The vision: to offer consumers the opportunity to flexibly adapt their adapt their electricity consumption to off-peak times in the energy market and thus benefit from lower prices.