Smart HVAC Launch


Dolly Hughes & Niklas Hirmke


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Connect Your Smart Thermostat and HVAC Devices to Ostrom

We're leading the way in developing smart heating and cooling solutions, providing you with complete control over your smart home devices. Now you can connect all of them like heat pumps, thermostats, air conditioning units and many more directly in our Ostrom app.

Stay In Control: Smart Heating in the Ostrom App

Connect, schedule, and effortlessly adjust temperature and settings, all from our user-friendly Ostrom App. This will not only help you stay cozy in your home but optimize your heating-related energy consumption. A smarter home means smarter energy efficiency, which helps support a greener lifestyle. More exciting features to come in the upcoming weeks but check out how it looks in the app already here 👇

HVAC Solutions with Ostrom

Check out our website here to get started and connect your HVAC device. Looking to get started with a smart thermostat or similar? Head to the Ostrom Store to browse products. If you are interested in purchasing a new device from the Ostrom Store, don’t forget to check your referral wallet first! Since August 2023, your 35€ referral bonus from Ostrom can also be transferred to 50€ store credit.

In case you have feedback or are missing the brand of your choice, let us know at hvac@ostrom.de