Why Diana Zur Löwen Invested In Ostrom


Karl Villanueva


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Who is Diana zur Löwen?

With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and Youtube, most people may know her through her social media posts. What you should know is that Diana is also an entrepreneur focused on sustainability and digitalization through her fund Rawr Ventures.

Photo Credit: VOX

And of course with such a prolific influencer as our angel, even our notary appointment is well documented and shared!

In case you’re wondering, she even had an interview with Chancellor Olaf Scholz during the Munich Security Conference 2022.

How Diana and Ostrom Met?

Diana was a big fan of one of our other angel investors, the marketing expert and co-host of the Doppelgänger Tech Talk podcast Philipp Klöckner. He was actually our first angel investor at Ostrom, and hence the connection was made through him.

Why Did She Invest In Ostrom?

After our initial chat, we instantly saw that there was a really great symbiosis between Diana and Ostrom. She loved that Ostrom was truly pushing the green energy transition through our direct power purchase agreements (PPAs) which make it super transparent where your energy is coming from. Paired with our electricity-at-cost model with the flat 6€ basic fee, this means that Ostrom is really one of the few energy providers that does not earn more when customers consume more electricity — our incentives are truly aligned with our customers and the environment.

Diana already sharing energy saving tips with her followers.

Catch her on Die Höhle Der Löwen (DHDL)

This season, she will be a guest judge at the hit show Die Höhle Der Löwen (Germany’s version of Shark Tank for our US friends or Dragon’s Den for those from the UK).

We’re excited for her and we’ll be tuning in to see other great ideas enter the den!