Terms and Conditions: Raffle

Terms and Conditions of participation with privacy policy - sweepstake

Only the German version of the privacy policy shall apply.
The English version is only a convenience translation.

Version: 15.11.2022

1. Organizer

1. The organizer of the sweepstake is Aplus Energy GmbH, represented by the managing directors Matthias Martensen and Karl Villanueva, Zinnowitzer Str. 10115 Berlin.

2. This sweepstake is not affiliated with Instagram, Meta Platforms Inc, or any other social media provider on whose platform this sweepstake is announced.

2. Sweepstakes

1. The organizer is organizing a sweepstake. For this purpose, it has provided one or more prizes and will hand over them to the winner or winners in accordance with these terms and conditions. The winners will be determined by drawing lots. A legal claim to a prize is excluded.

2. Participation in the sweepstake is free of charge.

3. Participation

1. The participant takes part in the sweepstake by fulfilling the conditions of participation. These include:
- The participant must be a customer of Aplus Energy GmbH.
- The participant must own an electric car.
- The participant must guarantee to be able to install the Easee wallbox and to register the connected meter with Aplus Energy GmbH as their electricity supplier.
- The participant fulfills all relevant conditions, which will be asked in advance via Typeform.
- The participation in the survey and its answers determine whether the participant is eligible for the subsequent sweepstakes.
- Participation in the survey does not automatically mean that the participant will also be able to participate in the sweepstake.

2. The requirements for participation must be met for the entire duration of the sweepstake. The duration is stated in the announcement of the sweepstake.

3. Participants are always only a specific natural person, legal entities, partnerships or groups of persons can not participate in the sweepstake. Multiple participation is excluded and leads to exclusion from the sweepstake. Participation by any other means than described in these terms and conditions is excluded.

4. Participation is only possible for persons with legal capacity. Employees of Aplus Energy GmbH are also excluded from participation.

5. After the winner(s) have been drawn, the general conditions will be discussed bilaterally. It can then lead to the fact that the requirements are not met, and the winner is not entitled to receive the prize.

4. Data Protection

By participating in this sweepstake, you consent to the processing of data in accordance with the following statement.

Data Being Processed
From winners, we also request the following data:
- Last name
- First name
- Email Address
- Address
- Contract ID

Purpose Of Data Processing
The purpose of the data processing is to carry out the sweepstake, in particular to check the eligibility to participate, to determine and notify the winners and to hand over the prizes.

The winner or winners will be notified by means of a personal message via email. As a participant, you consent to be contacted in this regard.

Legal Basis of Data Processing
If you participate in this sweepstake, you consent to the processing of data for the aforementioned purposes. The data processing is therefore based on your consent (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a DSGVO). Another legal basis for the processing of personal data is the fulfillment of a contractual obligation (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO).

Disclosure Of Your Data
For the purpose of prize delivery, your name and address may be passed on to a shipping service provider.

Storage Period
We delete the data collected in the sweepstake no later than three weeks after the conclusion of the sweepstake (winner determination).

We have to store data of winners due to the legal retention periods until their expiry.

Responsible Party

Aplus Energy GmbH
Zinnowitzer Straße 3
10115 Berlin, Deutschland
E-Mail: hallo@ostrom.de

We are legally represented by Matthias Martensen and Karl Villanueva.

Data Protection Officer

heyData GmbH
Gormann Straße 14
10119 Berlin
E-Mail: info@heydata.de