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Innovation in the Energy Market: Bullfinch and Ostrom Collaborate on Dynamic Tariffs

  • Bullfinch and Ostrom are launching a partnership to facilitate access to green energy for homeowners by combining financing solutions with dynamic tariffs.
  • The goal is to establish a virtual power plant to efficiently use energy surpluses and support the climate goals for 2030. Thousands of Bullfinch customers can benefit immediately.
  • The vision includes a network of solar cells, batteries, smart meters, and heat pumps for optimized energy supply.

March 26, 2024 Bullfinch, the leading provider of financing solutions for solar and storage systems, heat pumps, and wall boxes in the residential sector, and the green electricity provider Ostrom are now collaborating. The combination of lease-to-own and installment purchase solutions and Ostrom's dynamic tariffs makes it easier to access green energy in private homes. On this basis, the partners are also working on establishing a virtual power plant, which can make unused energy available to the German electricity grid as efficiently as possible.

"The partnership with Ostrom is the next important step to offer our customers tailor-made green energy solutions," explains Simon Bartmann, Co-CEO of Bullfinch. "By establishing a virtual power plant, we are also actively working to make Germany's climate goals for 2030 a reality. "By integrating the energy management system, which is free for customers, into Ostrom's infrastructure as part of the easily accessible financing, consumers have the opportunity to precisely monitor and control their energy consumption in real-time. By combining Bullfinch's lease-to-own and installment purchase offers with Ostrom's dynamic tariffs, the partners promise significant cost savings for their customers.

Matthias Martensen, CEO Ostrom und Simon Bartmann, Co-CEO Bullfinch

Ostrom CEO Matthias Martensen sees the merger as a milestone not only for the two companies: "Our partnership is pioneering for transparent and affordable access to renewable energies in the residential sector. The new integrated offer allows customers to obtain electricity from renewable energy sources without large initial capital and to retain maximum control over their electricity costs thanks to the dynamic tariff."

In the long term, the cooperation aims to create an extensive network of households with solar cells, home batteries, charging stations, and heat pumps, powered by solar energy from structures such as roof areas or solar carports. With a digital platform, Bullfinch and Ostrom plan to intelligently connect and control this network. This will actively contribute to stabilizing and optimizing the German energy supply network. The companies share the ambition to develop innovative solutions that pave the way for a sustainable and future-proof energy economy.

About Ostrom

Founded in 2021, Ostrom is a green energy provider based in Berlin, helping customers control and reduce their energy consumption through a smart energy management platform. The company offers its variable electricity tariff SimplyFair, the SimplyDynamic tariff with dynamic pricing supported by smart meters, Smart EV Charging, HVAC optimization, Solar-PV integrations, all controlled via the Ostrom App, and the Ostrom Store for smart home devices.

About Bullfinch

With an investment volume of over €200 million and over 9,000 financed renewable energy installations in the household sector in just 3 years, Bullfinch is a significant driver of the European energy transition. Bullfinch sells standardized, tariff-based financing solutions for installations like PV solar systems, energy storage, heat pumps, and wall boxes. Bullfinch’s solutions seamlessly integrate into the customer journey of our installer network and work directly at the point of sale.

Press Contacts

Matthias Martensen, press@ostrom.de

Simon Bartmann, press@bullfinch.com