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Ostrom is excited to partner with Zaptec, the Norwegian manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions. Together, the partnership should enable a smoother transition to electric for customers looking for EV charging at home. Here’s the official press release from Ostrom and Zaptec about how we plan to cooperate and drive change in the mobility industry.

Ostrom and Zaptec forge cooperation for affordable charging

Munich/Berlin, 18. April 2023 - Ostrom, Germany’s innovative green power provider with dynamic tariffs and a smart energy management platform, and Zaptec, the Norwegian market leader in charging solutions for electric vehicles, announce their cooperation. Together, the companies want to make electric mobility in Germany more digital, sustainable and cost-efficient with smart solutions. To this end, Ostrom will offer Zaptec's smart charging solutions alongside Smart Meters and its dynamic green electricity tariff from summer 2023. The three-part package enables current and future electric vehicle users to charge cheaply and easily in their own homes.

More and more electric cars are on the road in Germany and are decisively driving the important mobility turnaround. At the same time, energy prices are high and making every charging process at home noticeably more expensive. In Germany in particular people prefer to charge electric cars at home. Ostrom and Zaptec have now joined forces to ensure that electromobilists can charge their cars as cheaply as possible using their own household electricity. With their Smart Meter and Ostrom’s dynamic green electricity tariff, as well as Zaptec's intelligent solutions, homeowners have the perfect solution for charging at the cheapest hours.

Sustainable electricity at the best possible price

The smart charging package is based on a dynamic green electricity tariff from Ostrom and a Smart Meter. The Smart Meter is an intelligent measuring system that consists of two parts: a digital meter and a communication module. The smart metering system determines the electricity consumption then stores and processes the data. In combination with the communication module, the smart meter gateway, modern electricity meters become intelligent metering systems. This makes a bidirectional data transmission possible. Based on this data, Zaptec's smart charging solution can start the charging process when the electricity is particularly cheap. This requires a dynamic electricity price, which at the moment is rare in Germany. A dynamic electricity supply contract means that there are no static prices per kilowatt hour consumed, as is usually the case. The contract becomes dynamic through electricity price fluctuations, which are passed on to the customer. The strong rise in renewable energies makes this concept particularly interesting. In times with a lot of sunshine or on days with strong winds, the electricity price drops - so homeowners save cash. "We always started with the idea of fundamentally aligning our incentives with our consumers so that they use as little energy as possible and save as much money as possible. Thanks to our dynamic tariff, which is the foundation of our energy management platform, we have started rolling out smart charging, natively integrating both the e-car itself and the Zaptec charging solution into our app. At Ostrom, we are leading this transformation to drive the energy transition!", says Matthias Martensen, one of the co-founders of Ostrom.

Smart charging

In Norway, dynamic electricity tariffs are already widespread and very popular. In Germany, too, the demand for dynamic tariffs has risen sharply and is the next logical step in the development of private electromobility. The German government is also promoting and subsidizing the installation of smart meters in German households. Ostrom and Zaptec have recognized the trend and provide the optimal hardware package. The associated smart charging solution from Zaptec builds on the Norwegian company’s many years of experience. It is designed to be particularly easy to use, can be easily integrated into the smart home and gives users an optimal overview of their personal electricity consumption and current electricity costs. In this way, electric mobility enthusiasts always start the charging process via smartphone in the optimal time window and at the best conditions.

"Our cooperation is an important signal for electromobility. It also shows how rapidly the technology is developing in Germany. Easy handling of charging processes and cost-optimized charging are crucial points for motorists, whose needs we always keep in mind. We are therefore very pleased to have found a competent partner in Ostrom, with whom we can provide our customers a package which simplifies the charging process and avoids expensive charging procedures," says Daniel Gwercher, Managing Director at Zaptec Germany.

About Ostrom

Ostrom is a green electricity provider with a smart energy management platform based in Berlin. The platform helps consumers optimize their energy consumption. Ostrom made its market entry with a transparent variable electricity tariff, fully digital experience and 100% green power procurement. This aligns the incentives of the company, the customers and the climate.

Currently, the startup is expanding its offering with products such as a dynamic tariff, smart meter integration and smart EV charging for electric vehicles.

About Zaptec

Zaptec is known for quality and safety: the Norwegian manufacturer's charging solutions are based on state-of-the-art technology and consist of high-quality individual components. Since 2012, the listed company has focused on innovation, intuitive operation and pioneering, Scandinavian minimalist design, for which Zaptec received the Red Dot Award in 2022. All charging solutions for electric vehicles are developed based on Norwegian and European safety standards. Zaptec charging solutions are sleek on the outside and smart on the inside.

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