My Electric Car Journey: Getting Started with an EV


Niklas Hirmke


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My Electric Car Journey: The Perks and Hurdles of Getting an EV

In this post, I'll take you through my personal encounters, delving into the countless advantages and challenges that came my way while becoming an EV driver.

Installing a Charging Station at Home

To make charging my EV a breeze, I decided to have a charging station installed in the comfort of my own home garage. Contrary to popular belief, finding an electrician for this task turned out to be surprisingly easy. With the soaring popularity of electric vehicles, more and more electricians are gaining expertise in setting up charging stations, making the process remarkably hassle-free. Though I must admit, some people still face challenges in finding the right electrician for the job. Maybe I was just lucky. ;)

The Intricacies of Charging

The initial moments with my EV brought along a few hiccups as I navigated the intricacies of the charging process. Unlike refueling a conventional car, connecting an EV to a charger doesn't always guarantee an immediate power flow. There were instances where the charging process didn't initiate right away, causing a momentary bout of uncertainty. Nevertheless, with the aid of charging apps and of course our very own Ostrom app, I was able to swiftly troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues that arose, making the journey smoother.

Finding Help with the Charging Process

Venturing on longer journeys with an EV presented a new challenge—ensuring the availability of charging stations along the way. To overcome this hurdle, I leaned on dedicated apps that unveiled a map of nearby charging stations, guiding me to my destinations. While these apps were a reliable resource, occasional technical glitches at public charging stations did pose minor obstacles that required patience.

Embracing Change with a Green Heart

Fully embracing electric mobility necessitates a willingness to adapt to new charging routines and habits. It's a transition that demands a slight shift in mindset, requiring one to plan charging needs in advance for extended trips. Just like any burgeoning technology, there were moments of trial and error, but the overall experience of driving an EV proved to be remarkably gratifying. Considering the average daily distance people cover, most of the time you don’t even need to worry about finding a charging station on the road.

Adopting the Mindset: Adaptability

Getting an EV was nothing short of a thrilling adventure filled with convenience and adaptability. From setting up a charging station at home to unraveling the intricacies of the charging process and discovering charging stations on the road, each step unfurled a unique facet of the EV experience.

Although I encountered occasional challenges, they paled in comparison to the immense benefits and the deep satisfaction of contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. If you're contemplating diving into the world of electric vehicles, my advice to you is simple—embrace the change and embark on your own electrifying adventure. It's a ride you won't regret, as you become a part of the transformation towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.