Ostrom Turns 3!


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Ostrom Turns 3!

Since we started in 2021, Ostrom has gone from strength to strength. From the pandemic, to the energy crisis, to the current high inflation and interest rate environment, not only has Ostrom made it through but thrived despite such headwinds! Our growth and potential continues to be further validated with an additional funding from SE Ventures in September 2023.

We think 2024 will be the pivotal year before the long-awaited push for smart meter adoption in Germany in 2025. With Ostrom being part of the Smart Meter Initiative as well as our growing plethora of features and integrations, we are in the best place to drive the green energy transition while providing a cheaper and greener energy experience for our customers.

Ostrom Year In Review

In our third year, it feels like we really boomed:

Yes, we can barely believe it ourselves! But it is indeed how our last 12 months have gone. In an industry with so many entrenched outdated companies, Ostrom continues with an agile approach—our planet cannot afford to wait.

Ostrom in 2030: The Largest VPP and Home Energy Management Platform

As always, we remain committed to our goal of becoming the leading energy management platform in Europe by 2030.

In our heads, our journey has been leading up to this point where all the pieces are in place. 2021, we launched Germany’s first variable tariff. 2022, we scaled that with our B Corp™ certification and growth. 2023 was all about our SimplyDynamic tariff launch. This year, 2024, we have bolstered our integrations ecosystem and have become a driving force in the upcoming smart meter rollout.

All the pieces are in place to bring about our vision of bringing virtual power plant (VPP) capacity to Germany. With that, customers become an active participant in load balancing through smart optimizations and demand response mechanisms from their EVs, heat pumps, solar and storage devices — making our grid more resilient and our energy use greener and cheaper at the same time.

We can’t wait for what the next year holds!