Ostroms SimplyFair tariff is TÜV Nord Certified


Rahel Kunkel & Niklas Hirmke


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Here at Ostrom, we work hard to ensure we’re contributing towards the energy transition every day. This is why, since we started in April 2021, we’ve only supplied our customers with 100% green energy—no compromises, just renewables.

As we continue to make these promises, we want to make sure you feel you can trust us, too. This is why our SimplyFair tariff got certified by the TÜV Nord to verify the origins of our electricity.

We are very happy that such an important institution recognizes our endeavor to supply our customers with green energy.

Where our electricity comes from

At Ostrom, we buy electricity through our partnerships with green power producers (PPA’s) and in the wholesale market from certified green sources. As we cannot cover the entire electricity supply through our PPA’s, we need to purchase electricity on the wholesale exchange from certified green sources to cover the difference. Certificates of origin (Herkunftsnachweise) make sure that the energy we obtain from wholesale sellers is from renewable sources as well.

As we grow and get more customers, we will add more generators over time to cover the electricity requirements of our customers. We will also extend our PPA partnerships with green energy suppliers to further continue enabling as many people as possible to get green energy.

You can find our current generators here.

Certification Criteria of the TÜV NORD

There are a couple of requirements that need to be fulfilled to get certified. The auditors examine the business and all of its workings very thoroughly.

The following criteria were checked during the audit.

  • Origin and generation of the energy: Only to be passed if the energy stems from 100% renewables.
  • Certificates of origin: The energy that is sourced from the wholesale market needs to be covered with certificates of origin (Herkunftsnachweise) to make sure it only comes from renewable sources.
  • Promotion of a sustainable energy supply as goal of the company: This is achieved by sourcing energy from generators who are not older than 6 years. This way, the expansion of renewables gets encouraged.
  • Ensuring balance between generation and submission of energy: Making sure we source enough energy to cover the needs of our customers.
  • Technical and legal requirements of the generators: Proved by the certificates of origin.
  • Correct advertisement for our SimplyFair tariff: This includes how we present Ostrom and our tariff on our website, social media and other channels we use to communicate.

We passed all the necessary requirements to get certified.Furthermore, we got very positive feedback about our transparency in communicating what our product and value proposition for customers entails.

We are happy to stay true to ourselves and only source green energy, now also certified.Let’s keep up the fight against fossil fuels and continue contributing to the energy transition!