Terms and Conditions: Referrals

Terms And Conditions Of Participation
In The Referral Program

Only the German version of these Plan Terms shall apply.
The English version is only a convenience translation.

Version: 04.08.2022

§ 1. Content of the Referral Program

1. The customer referral program is a program of Aplus Energy GmbH (“Ostrom”) through which existing customers of Ostrom can receive rewards by referring new customers. An existing referring customer (“Referrer”) participates in this program by referring new customers in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Participation.

2. Ostrom provides a personal number sequence (“Referral Code”) to each customer who indicates their intention to participate via the App or the Internet platform.

3. The code may not be shared on internet platforms. In such cases we reserve the right to limit its validity.

§ 2. General Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions of Participation supplement the General Terms and Conditions of Ostrom. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions of Participation and the General Terms and Conditions of Ostrom, the Terms and Conditions of Participation shall prevail.

2. By following the procedure of this referral program, the user agrees to these Terms and Conditions of Participation.

§ 3. Eligibility to Participate

1. Every customer of Ostrom is eligible to participate. Persons other than customers are not eligible to participate.

2. All employees of Ostrom are excluded from participation.

§ 4. Consent of the Referred Person

Referrers can choose the technical medium they use to transmit the referral code. Referrers undertake vis-à-vis Ostrom to obtain the recipient’s consent before each transmission of a referral code. If recipients assert claims against Ostrom due to unsolicited sending of the referral code, the referrers shall indemnify Ostrom against all claims in connection therewith and shall reimburse Ostrom for the costs of an appropriate legal defense. Ostrom reserves the right to assert further claims against the referrers arising from these facts. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, the referrers concerned shall be excluded from participating in the advertising program immediately.

§ 5. Successful Referral

1. New customers may enter the referral code of a referrer in a designated field when signing a contract with Ostrom.

2. A successful referral is deemed to have been made if the following conditions are cumulatively met:

a) The referred person concludes an electricity supply contract with Ostrom, the supply actually begins, and the referred person thus becomes a customer of Ostrom.

b) During the registration process, the referred person has indicated the referral code of an advertiser in accordance with § 1 (2).

c) The referred person has not maintained a business relationship with Ostrom in the 12 months preceding the conclusion of the contract.

3. It is the sole responsibility of the referrer to ensure that the referred person follows the procedure described in paragraph 1 when concluding the contract. If the policy is not followed, the referral shall not be deemed successful.

§ 6 Reward

1. Ostrom records all successful referrals in the course of a quarter.

2. The three referrers with the most successful referrals will receive a reward at the end of a quarter.

3. The type of reward is at the sole discretion of Ostrom. There is no legal claim to a reward.

4. The referrers who receive a reward will be mentioned on the Instagram profile “ostrom.de” and the website www.ostrom.de. The referrers declare their consent to this.

5. New customer bonus and referral bonus according to No. 13 and 14 of the Terms and Conditions of Ostrom can be added cumulatively to rewards according to this paragraph.

Responsible Party

Aplus Energy GmbH
Zinnowitzer Straße 3
10115 Berlin, Deutschland
E-Mail: hallo@ostrom.de

We are legally represented by Matthias Martensen and Karl Villanueva.

Data Protection Officer

heyData GmbH
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