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Benefit from owning an electric vehicle (EV) and register now for selling your THG-quote.


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Get rewarded for saving emissions by driving an EV.


Driving Electric
Earns You Money

Don't miss out on the THG quote bonus! We check your eligibility and pay out as soon as we receive feedback from the Federal Environmental Agency (can take a couple of months). You can apply if:
- You are the owner of a fully electric vehicle
- You have a valid vehicle registration document

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Apply For Selling Your THG-Quote

How it works and what you need to do.

Register your EV with Ostrom

Fill out the application form to register your EV with us.
Provide all the necessary data that we ask you to enter.

Ostrom checks your eligibility

We check with the German Federal Environmental Agency to prove your eligibility for the quote — this can take several months. We will inform you as soon as we have updates.

Receive your THG-Quote

As soon as the German Federal Environmental Agency confirms the certificate for your electric car, the quote can be traded, and you get your bonus paid out to your bank account.

Get Your Bonus Now

What Does The Bonus Amount Depend On?

THG-quotes are traded directly with oil companies. THG-quote prices depend on, e.g., the emissions generated by oil and gas companies, as well as demand and supply. As your THG provider, Ostrom sells THG-quotes at the best possible price and makes the proceeds transparent. Due to market price fluctuations, a likely value is between 300€ and 500€ per ton of CO₂.

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