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Team profile

As of September, the Operations team is made up of seven individuals. Of the seven, 70% are female with five full-time and two working students.

What's brewing in the Operations team?

The Operation team lives and breathes efficiency and clean/clear processes, they have divided their work into two parts: daily tasks and project work. With rotation system, one day you may solely be responsible for daily tasks and the following day purely work on projects. This ensures variety is part of the everyday in the Operations team which keeps things interesting.

To provide a better insight, daily tasks can range from ensuring a smooth process for customers who are switching providers, responding to customer queries, handling market communication with the grid and suppliers, oversee that the tools used for customer communication, billing, and market communication are working efficiently whilst identifying any areas for optimisation.

The current projects in the Operations team include automating recurring processes, Smart-Meter Integration and other business development projects such as THG-Quota integration, conducting price adjustments, and handling certificates and certifications.

What is the Operations team aiming for?

Efficiency comes first through strong collaboration, knowledge sharing, and holding a strong understanding of all relevant processes. This continually ensures exceptional customer care through being highly responsive and enabling fast and smooth switches.

What is the Operations team's secret sauce?

There is a reason why Ostrom has a 4.9/5 star rating on Trustpilot. They answer in minutes, not hours with an average response time of 1.33 minutes. Ask any question, the Operations team will always find a solution.