Ostrom Price Decrease #5: May 2023


Niklas Hirmke


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Ostrom reduces electricity costs for all customers once again!

As the electricity prices continue to decrease, we are reducing prices for all our customers as well. The unit rate will be decreased by 2.2 ct/kWh gross which translates to additional annual savings of 50€ per year, on top of the several hundred euros from our earlier price decreases for the average Ostrom customer.

This is our fifth price decrease and the fourth decrease in just five months. We are again proving that a variable tariff is better than a price guarantee in allowing customers to benefit from all price adjustments.

The approaching summer and warmer temperatures are key reasons for further falling electricity whole prices. Here's our price history for an example postcode in Berlin. If you'd like more information, or an exact quote, talk to us.

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Benefit from Our SimplyFair Tariff

Fair, flexible and green—our SimplyFair tariff is the right choice for anyone who doesn’t want to be stuck with a long lock-in period at a traditional provider.

We provide you with 100% green electricity at cost. In case prices change, we pass them on to our customers and you only pay for what you use.