Ostrom Price Decrease #4: March 2023


Niklas Hirmke


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Ostrom reduces electricity costs for all customers once again!

As the electricity prices continues to decrease, we reduce prices for all our customers as well. Hence, we’re decreasing the unit rate by 3 ct/kWh gross which translates into additional annual savings of 70€ per year for the average German household.

This is our 4th price decrease — the third in four months. We are again proving that a variable tariff is better than a price guarantee in allowing customers to benefit from all price adjustments.

There are three main reasons to why prices have further calmed down:

  1. Mild winter weather: Temperatures have been consistently higher in this winter than the historic average and spring is approaching.
  2. Gas savings: German consumers and industry saved more than 10% on average compared to previous years.
  3. Good LNG Supply: Very stable LNG supply throughout the winter season.

Those three reasons together explain the high gas storage levels which in turn calm the markets resulting in lower gas and electricity prices.

Benefit from Our SimplyFair Tariff

Fair, flexible and green—our SimplyFair tariff is the right choice for everyone who doesn’t want to be stuck with a long lock-in period at a traditional provider.

We provide you with 100% green electricity at cost. In case prices change, we pass them on to our customers and you only pay for what you get.