Ostrom Price Decrease #6: July 2023


Niklas Hirmke


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Once again Ostrom is reducing electricity prices for all customers!

As the electricity prices continue to stabilize at a slightly lower rate, we’re decreasing prices once again. The unit rate will be decreased by 2.25 ct/kWh gross which translates to additional annual savings of 50€ per year, on top of the several hundred euros from our earlier price decreases for the average Ostrom customer.

The warm summer days and more LNG terminals for the winter of 2023/2024 have caused the electricity price to fall slightly.

This is our sixth price decrease since December 2022. Once again our customers profit from our variable tariff compared to being stuck with a costly price guarantee.

Source: Ostrom. Available on Datawrapper

Benefit from Our SimplyFair Tariff

Fair, flexible and green—our SimplyFair tariff is the right choice for anyone who doesn’t want to be stuck with a long lock-in period at a traditional provider.

We provide you with 100% green electricity at cost. In case prices change, we pass them on to our customers and you only pay for what you use.

New! More Than Electricity

  • Save Money with Dynamic Pricing and Smart Meters. Start to control your electricity costs! We are now offering a dynamic tariff, so you can track your energy consumption and get billed at the current hourly rate. The electricity price on the wholesale energy market varies hourly. We always pass on the wholesale electricity price plus taxes and levies directly to you. In times of heavy winds, sunshine, or at night, electricity is cheaper. We at Ostrom enable you to take advantage of this and consume electricity at the cheapest time. Sign up here and start to save money.

  • Smart EV Charging: Charge Your Electric Vehicle With Ostrom. We are offering smart charging to allow our customers to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) during the cheapest and greenest hours! No more need to time your charging at the cheapest hours! Check out the EV integration on our website here.

  • Ostrom Store: Get your smart home essentials with us! As we integrate more and more smart home devices, we want to make these as easily accessible to our customers. Hence we have our Ostrom Store, where you can get EV charging stations, smart thermostats, smart speakers and more! We keep adding more devices over time so do check it regularly here.

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