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Trying to find an apartment in Germany can be time consuming and frustrating, especially in larger cities like Berlin or Munich. Tirelessly scrolling apartment search websites, making sure you have all your documents ready, queuing for hours for mass apartment viewings… we all know the struggle. On top that, if you’re in a new country and don’t speak the language it’s even harder.

Thankfully, there are some websites that offer you an easier way to find an apartment. Here is our list of five great websites you can try to get an apartment in Germany.

Websites to Find an Apartment in Germany

  1. ImmobilienScout24
    ImmobilienScout24 is your typical apartment search tool for Germany. On the website, you can search by size, cost, housing type, furnished or unfurnished and other such filters as well as find application advice or financing options. This is a well-known website so is quite heavily subscribed. You can, however, sign up for exclusive updates and to have your applications appear at the top of landlord’s inboxes. The paid-for, premium service also covers a credit rating check and a couple of other benefits that make you stand out against other applicants. The website is unfortunately pretty German heavy but works well enough in Google translate.
  2. Homelike
    Looking for a nice, tidy furnished apartment that you can move into even on a short notice? Homelike is your “home away from home”. The website offers temporary monthly rentals available to book online with prices that already include utilities. Some apartments are even available without the need for a deposit—something that often amounts to three months rent in Germany. It’s a straightforward way to get started in your new life and for some apartments you can even opt to have cleaning included. And as an extra, most landlords should provide Anmeldung upon your request.
  3. Wunderflats
    Similar to Homelike, Wunderflats offers ready-to-move-in temporary apartments but mostly at a higher price mark. The website is in English and shows categories for different needs such as business stays or family homes. For these apartments, there’s usually no SCHUFA required: a credit rating you need to apply for which often expats won’t have at the beginning.
  4. Tauschwohnung
    A great option for people already living in Germany but looking for a bigger space or change of scenery. Tauschwohnung offers the unique opportunity to simply swap apartments with someone else. This can be temporary or permanent. This concept is often favoured by residents in cities like Berlin who are conscious of gentrification or keeping the housing market a little fairer. The exchange usually happens through tenants and you should check with the respective landlords to avoid complications. The website has lots of information including FAQs and success stories for you to check out and see if this option is for you (run it through Google translate for English).
  5. WG Gesucht

This is usually the first point of call for flat hunters in Germany and mostly for finding shared flats (WGs). However as WG Gesucht is so popular, it’s also over-subscribed. It’s highly competitive and also the advertisers here are usually regular tenants which means you cannot be sure if Anmeldung is possible and you also cannot be sure they are legitimate. Make sure to look closely at listings and be wary of anyone asking you to contact outside of the platform or send money before handover as they are “out of town”.

Building a New Life in Germany? Things You Should Know

When you want to get set up in Germany with a new flat, new job, new bank account and more, you will need to register your address with the state. This process is called “Anmeldung” and requires a certificate from your landlord. Not all apartments will offer this, so look out for terms such as “anmelden möglich or ”mit Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”. Ask the agent or landlord if you are unsure.

Useful Expat Websites to Know

New to Germany? Check out these links for more information:

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With a bit of luck, these websites will help you find your new home in Germany and then its onto the next: finding the right energy supplier!😉 Keep us in mind.