How To Get KfW Funding For An E-Car WallBox For Your Business


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How to Get an Ev Charger Funded for Your Business

Did you know you can get a 900€ grant to purchase and install an EV charger for your workplace? Here's everything you need to know.

Now that the KfW framework for private charging stations has been exhausted, a new program has been introduced to fund charging stations for businesses. To take advantage of this subsidy of up to 900€ per charger, companies must meet some requirements...

The most important requirements at a glance:

  • The electricity used for charging must be 100% green.
  • The charging station must not be accessible to the public, only to the company's employees.
  • The charger must power up to 22 kW.

This new subsidy is primarily aimed at companies, but sole proprietors and freelancers may also apply. Additionally, public corporations and institutions like chambers and associations, and non-profit organizations, including churches, can use the funding.

What is the funding amount?

The subsidy of up to €900 can be spent on purchasing and installing the EV charger. If the charging station has several charging points, you can claim a subsidy of 900€ per charging point. The condition is that the cost per charging point must amount to 1.287,71€. If the cost is lower, the subsidy amount will be a maximum of 70% of the total amount.

For example, if your company installs a charging station with two charging points and the total costs are 2,571.43€, KfW will pay a maximum subsidy of 1,800€. However, if the total cost is only 2,000€, only 70% of the total cost will be paid out as a subsidy, in this case, 1,400€.

Which charging stations are subsidized?

The KfW has regulated exactly which charging stations are subsidized. To verify whether the model you have chosen is eligible, take a look at the list published by KfW.

If your charging station isn't included in this list, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly. Manufacturers still have the opportunity to register their chargers with the KfW.

Where can I get eligible electricity?

With the Ostrom tariff, you meet the green electricity criteria for KfW funding. You will receive the corresponding contract confirmation by email immediately after grid registration, so nothing stands in the way of a quick payment.

Book KfW-eligible electricity contract here.

What is the procedure for applying for the subsidy?

  1. Before you can order the charging station, you must register in the KfW grant portal. You can find more information about the registration in the grant portal here.
  2. On receiving the application confirmation, you can begin the project.
  3. As soon as the charging station has been put into operation, it can be registered on an online platform of the federal government.
  4. After successful registration of the charging station on the online platform, the process can be completed in the KfW grant portal. The proof submission is expected to be unlocked from the end of February 2022.
  5. On completing all these steps, you will receive your funding.

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