Ostrom & Energieversum: Renewable Energy for Households


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Renewable Energy for Households

Solar and dynamic tariffs: Energieversum offers energy supply of the future with Ostrom

  • Energieversum now offers its customers an all-in-one package consisting of solar PV, storage, energy management system, smart meter, and dynamic energy tariff.
  • Ostrom provides customers with dynamic energy tariffs.
  • The offering is an example of how access to future-proof energy solutions can be simplified and made attractive for consumers.

Press Release:

Berlin, 29.05.2024 — In collaboration with Ostrom, leading German provider of dynamic energy tariffs, the solar panelprovider Energieversum will offer its customers access to solar panels, energy storage, a home energy management system (HEMS), smart meters, and dynamic electricity tariff all from a single source. This model demonstrates how customers can digitize and future-proof their energy supply in one step.

By 2030, 80 percent of energy consumption should be covered by renewable energies. This is the goal set by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The ministry is working towards climate-friendly generation without nuclear power and fossil fuels, while also aiming to maintain stable supply and affordable prices for households and businesses.

This is a significant challenge, especially considering that energy consumption is expected to increase from 523 terawatt-hours to up to 750 terawatt-hours in the next six years. Given the anticipated increase of energy use for many areas of life, it is essential to include private households in the transformation of the energy industry — and not only because individual customers can save a lot of money in the process. However, for many consumers, installation or modernization of new methods of harnessing energy still poses a hurdle.

"As an industry, we need to work together to create easy, attractive and straightforward access for all customers. Combining our solutions with Ostrom's dynamic tariffs shows how this can be done," says René Möllenbeck, Founder and CEO of Energieversum. Energieversum acts as the sole contact for its customers for the installation and consultation of solar panels, smart meters, storage solutions, and a dynamic tariff. Additionally, the company offers the EV.cockpit app, which connects and controls all these components of future-proof energy supply. Ostrom's dynamic tariff is seamlessly integrated through the company's open API, making all information available to customers in one app.

Energieversum's combination of hardware, software, and dynamic tariffs enables its customers to generate their own energy, store it if necessary, or directly consume from the grid to always take the most cost-effective option. Additionally, consumers can adjust their usage behavior to current electricity prices, allowing them to better optimize their energy efficiency.

Ostrom's dynamic tariff plays a significant role in this. It calculates the energy price based on developments in the energy market, allowing customers to benefit directly from low market prices when not using self-generated energy. For Matthias Martensen, Co-Founder and CEO of Ostrom, Energieversum's comprehensive package is a big step forward: "The combination of various solutions is exactly what we need for a future energy supply in every household. By thinking in a consumer-oriented way, we can succeed in transforming the energy system."

About Ostrom

Ostrom is a smart, green energy provider founded in 2021 and headquartered in Berlin. It helps consumers control and reduce their energy consumption through its smart energy management platform. The company offers its variable energy tariff SimplyFair, the SimplyDynamic tariff with dynamic pricing supported by smart meters, Smart EV Charging, HVAC optimization, Solar PV integrations and more — all controlled via the Ostrom App. The Ostrom Store offers smart home devices.

About Energieversum

Energieversum GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 and is a company of the EnBW Group. Energieversum is headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany. Energieversum customers should obtain energy at the lowest price possible. This is ensured by solar panels with battery storage and the home energy management system EV.cockpit in combination with a dynamic energy tariff. So far, Energieversum has installed more than 30,000 systems across Germany. Energieversum Website