Here's how home office affects your electricity bill


Matthias Martensen

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An online conference from home means electricity from home.

Computers, monitors and headphones - today's minimum equipment for the desk at home. At the latest since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the home office became an integral part of our normality. Since many are currently not able to get to the office, people not only work at home, but also cook during their lunch break. More appliances in use lead to higher energy consumption. Higher electricity bills for many workers are the result.

3 Tips for dealing with increased electricity consumption:

1. Lower your consumption by turning off your devices after use. Especially the power supplies of laptops and monitors consume electricity even in stand-by mode. Therefore, remove the plugs from the socket. There is also a lot of potential to save energy in the kitchen. Use a suitable cooking lid and consider whether preheating the oven is really necessary.

2. Ask for compensation for your increased costs. Take advantage of the home office allowance passed in the annual tax law and talk to your employer. Maybe they'll give you a subsidy or invest in more energy-efficient equipment.

3. Compare your provider and save money. Switch from your basic supplier to a digital provider and benefit from fair rates at purchase price.

To avoid harming the environment despite increased consumption, we recommend switching to a green electricity provider.

Despite the energy transition, most electricity providers still supply you with electricity from fossil fuels.

The good news is that you, as the end customer, can actively opt for genuine green electricity. This increases the pressure on energy producers to promote the expansion of renewable energies.

When you switch to Ostrom, you're actively contributing to the energy transition. The more people support our mission, the faster the energy transition becomes a reality. With us, you get 100% green electricity including a certificate of origin.

And it doesn't have to be more expensive - calculate your savings compared to the basic supplier in our rate calculator.

Image Source Unsplash by Piotr Wilk