Ostrom Signs New PPA with GETEC


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PPA with Berlin-based green energy startup: GETEC ENERGIE supplies green power to Ostrom for its private customers.

Berlin/Hanover, March 21, 2022 - Starting in the second half of 2022, Ostrom will purchase green power directly from Hannover-based energy service provider GETEC ENERGIE via a power purchase agreement (PPA). The green energy startup Ostrom is continuously expanding its portfolio of direct purchase agreements for offering and is the first energy utility to supply power from PPAs directly to its private customers.

The current situation in Ukraine and the consequences for the energy markets illustrate once again how necessary independence from fossil fuels is for the German economy, but also for private households.

The increased use of electricity from renewable sources plays a central role in the import-independent energy supply.

In addition to supplying various industrial customers, GETEC ENERGIE now also supplies green electricity from three wind power plants to the Berlin-based company Ostrom (Aplus Energy GmbH) via a direct power supply agreement. Ostrom will supply its household customers with this 100% green energy. When procuring green power through PPAs, the generation plants are clearly identifiable. For the case of Ostrom, this energy is generated by wind power plants in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The special feature here is that the wind power supplied to Ostrom is generated exclusively by so-called EEG 20Plus plants and is therefore very resource-friendly. By using older wind turbines that are no longer subsidized, they can continue to operate economically and do not have to be dismantled.

"We are building a portfolio of PPAs for our customers at Ostrom. This makes us the leader in Germany. For our customers, this means full transparency about the origin of the electricity and, at the same time, a direct contribution to the energy transition. In GETEC ENERGIE we have found a partner who completely understands our needs," says Matthias Martensen, Ostrom CEO, explaining his decision to procure green electricity through GETEC ENERGIE.

"Especially for energy suppliers who deliver directly to household customers, the traceability of the origin of the green power supplied is a matter of credibility. You can only achieve this transparency with your own generation plants - or by procuring with PPA," says Cord Wiesner, Managing Director of GETEC ENERGIE GmbH. "If existing infrastructure can then be used and does not have to be dismantled for no reason, means a new level of sustainability," Wiesner continues.

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