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Ostrom Expands Energy Management Hub for Private Households with priwatt Balcony Solar Panels

  • Effective immediately, three priwatt balcony solar panel sets are available at the Ostrom Store
  • The Ostrom Store aims to become a long-term one-stop shop for sustainable energy products
  • Ostrom envisions energy providers evolving into energy hubs in the medium term

Berlin, May 6, 2024 – A common vision: Ostrom, leading German provider of dynamic electricity tariffs, is now collaborating with priwatt, one of the pioneers in the balcony solar power market. Going forward, priwatt's most sought-after balcony solar panel sets will be available at the Ostrom Store. All can be integrated into Ostrom's energy management app, allowing users to consistently monitor their balcony solar production data.

“Our aim for the Ostrom Store is to be a long-term, one-stop shop for anyone interested in products that help save energy costs,” explains Matthias Martensen, Co-Founder of Ostrom. “Balcony solar power is essential, and priwatt is one of the most established providers in Germany. It is an important step for us to expand our store with priwatt's products.”

Ostrom is committed to making the energy management of private households future-proof. In addition to a dynamic electricity tariff, which adjusts costs based on electricity market prices, the company also offers a household energy management app. The Ostrom App consolidates control over various energy-related applications, such as heat pumps, wall boxes, or balcony power plants, enabling users to maintain an overview of their consumption and actively manage it. priwatt's products can also be integrated, allowing for continuous access to production data and more.

“In the mid-term, German households will become increasingly electrified,” Martensen believes. “We are convinced that energy providers must take on the role of energy hubs, which is much more than just being a power supplier. Therefore, we are already positioning ourselves to represent as many stakeholder groups in our industry as possible through our app and store.”

The Ostrom Store now offers the balcony power plant sets priBalcony Duo, priFlat Duo, and priBasic Duo. More products will follow. Kay Theuer, CEO of priwatt, sees this as more than just a promotional measure: “To achieve a sustainable, decentralized power supply, it is crucial that providers of various components for renewable energy supply work together. Partnerships like ours are a fine example of how we can collectively come closer to our ambitious goals.”

Find balcony power plants in the Ostrom Store through this link:

About Ostrom

Founded in 2021, Ostrom is a green energy provider based in Berlin, helping consumers control and reduce their energy consumption through its smart energy management platform. The company offers a variable electricity tariff SimplyFair and the SimplyDynamic tariff with dynamic pricing supported by smart meters. Smart EV Charging, HVAC optimization, Solar-PV integrations and more can all controlled via the Ostrom App and the Ostrom Store offers smart home devices.

About priwatt

Founded in 2020 in Leipzig, priwatt is a green energy company aiming to make the private energy transition accessible to everyone. With their easy-to-install plug-in solar systems for balconies, gardens, facades, or rooftops, priwatt has found a way to realize this vision. Introduced in 2024, the Orbit energy management system perfectly complements this technology, enabling optimal adjustment of household electricity usage to one's own power production. With about 55,000 customers, the Leipzig team of 60 employees has become a market leader in this rapidly growing sector.

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