How to Apply for the Balcony Solar Subsidy in Berlin


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Berlin has big goals of becoming climate neutral by 2045*. To achieve this mission, funding is available to support people that wish to implement solar panels at home. Since February 2023, the state has even introduced a new section to the solarPLUS programme** that offers €500 in funding for tenants to install plug-in balcony solar panels. Solar power will be a huge aid not only for a more sustainable city but also for a more economical way of living for many residents. Here’s what you need to know.

Who Can Apply for Balcony Solar Funding?

To apply for the solar subsidy, you:

  • Must have your primary address must be located in Berlin
  • Must be renting: The plug-in solar panel grant is specifically for people who rent, not homeowners
  • Will still need permission from your landlord
  • Important: This is for projects that have not yet started. Make sure to apply before you even add a solar panel to your shopping basket!

Pay attention to category “Modul E” in IBB guidelines or similar document which describes renting tenants applying for the grant for plug-in solar panels. You may apply for one grant per apartment which will be paid out to you after three months. To receive your payout you will need to provide evidence of use and proof of purchase.

Solar Panels Eligible for the €500 Grant

Balcony solar is simply a term to describe these smaller panels suitable for home use but can naturally be mounted elsewhere on your property, in your garden or on a terrace for example. To be eligible for the grant, it should have an output of up to maximum 600W. Although described as ready-to-use or plug and play solar, you will still need to have it installed by a professional.

You will also need to register your panel with the StromNetz Berlin whose website is thankfully more English friendly.

Is My Balcony Suitable for Solar Panels?

With or without taking advantage of the SolarPLUS subsidy, you will need to think about whether your balcony is suitable for solar power. Usually, tenants opt for one or two panels for at home power generation. How many sunshine hours does your balcony receive? Are there obstacles creating shade? General considerations such as these will be taken into account when your application is assessed. It is also important to see how the balcony solar panels can be fitted and that suitable fixtures are available. Solar panels are heavy, not to mention expensive, and must be fixed securely to avoid any mishaps. When your application is approved you will need to get an electrician to install the panel or panels.

What Will My Home Solar Panel System Cost?

The SolarPLUS grant offers 500 euro funding max per solar panel. Whether this makes financial sense proportionately, depends on the solar panel you choose and how much power you expect in return. Plug-and-play solar panels on OBI website, for example, range from smaller 300W solar systems at under 500 euros to a set of two 410W panels for around 1,100 euros. Mounting and securing your solar panels should also be taken into consideration as attachments are often sold separately. You might also want covers, although not necessary for Germany’s climate, they could be an extra couple hundred euros–talk to the seller or the solar technician that installs them. Overall, for a smaller solar system at home the 500 euros is a pretty substantial contribution to expenses.

Is the IBB Balcony Solar Application Form in English?

When you’re ready to apply for the solar subsidy, head to the IBB Business Team website. This is unfortunately all in German. But never fear, we’re here to help. Fill in the initial form with your email address, salutation and names and submit to start the process. This will trigger an email to your inbox within around ten minutes. In the email you receive a username and password generation link which you need to use within 24 hours. Once you create a password and log in, you will see a dashboard. In the top left box, you can find instructions by clicking the link called “Anleitung”. The document is in German, so here is a rough and non-binding translation.

IBB Solar Application Instructions in English

TLDR: Berlin Solar Panel Subsidy Information

If you have your permanent residence registered in Berlin and are renting, you can apply for a grant worth up to 500 euros to install solar panels at your home. Be sure to apply via IBB Business online before getting started. Here are a few useful resources for you:


IBB Business Team

Solarplus portal to apply

Detailed overview of terms and guidelines (in German)

Letter to your landlord template (“Musterschrieben” in German)

Of course, programmes such as these are complicated with ever-changing terms. We would always recommend you to talk to the representatives at IBB and SolarWende for the most relevant information. We just hope this blog helps you get started on your solar path.

*Climate-Neutral Berlin 2045,, 2023
**SolarPLUS Programme,, 2023