Case Study: How Ostrom Dynamic Pricing is Cheaper than even the Cheapest Check24 Tariff


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We have outlined in a case study to show how Ostrom's SimplyDynamic tariff is able to easily save you up to 35% compared to a fixed price plan. We are quite data-driven at Ostrom, so we brought all the receipts!


The Ostrom SimplyDynamic tariff tracks the electricity market price of the tariff. This means that when energy prices are low, those savings are passed on to you! We compared this with the cheapest tariff on the price comparison site Check24, and found that against the Vattenfall Easy24 Stromtarif—which was the cheapest tariff on January 1, 2023 on PLZ 80331 Munich—the Ostrom SimplyDynamic tariff saves up to a whopping 35% for the average German household. That already translated to 272 Euros of savings for just the first half of 2023, or 544 Euros per year at current trends!

Household kWh Consumption Vattenfall Easy24 Price¹ Vattenfall Easy24 Price² Vattenfall Easy24 Price³ Ostrom SimplyDynamic Price⁴ Savings (Jan - Jun 2023) Savings %
1 1978 kWh 515.61€ 455.61€ 431.32€ 307.98€ 123.34€ 29%
2 3252 kWh 795.93€ 735.93€ 689.55€ 463.18€ 226.37€ 33%
3 5047 kWh 1190.87€ 1130.87€ 1053.38€ 681.75€ 371.63€ 35%

¹ incl. 13.4 € Grundpreis
² incl. 13.4 € Grundpreis + inkl. 60 € Bonus
³ incl. 40.00 ct/kWh Strompreisbremse (80%) + 44.37 ct/kWh Arbeitspreis (20%) + inkl. 50 € max Bonus
⁴ incl 11.18 € Grundpreis + 0 € Bonus

the Ostrom SimplyDynamic tariff saves up to a whopping 35% for the average German household. That already translated to 272 Euros of savings for just the first half of 2023, or 544 Euros per year at current trends!


One of our company values at Ostrom is to be data-driven in everything that we do. This means we use data and AI to ensure that we are able to always give our customers the best price. With the launch of our SimplyDynamic tariff, anyone with a smart meter can take advantage of massive price savings through both better energy usage as well as electricity prices during the cheapest and greenest hours.

Below is our price tracking dashboard on Check24. Instantly it already stands out that most traditional energy providers that have 12 – 24 month lock-in periods change their prices almost daily! That means that depending on when you sign up, you may be locked in to a very high price for the next two years. This is exactly what we avoid at Ostrom, by always passing the energy price on to our customers.


The tariff is tracked based on the PLZ 80331 Munich

kWh Consumption

Using data from DESTATIS, the German Statistics Office, we are able to get the following yearly consumption data for each household:

• 1978 kWh = 1-person household

• 3242 kWh = 2-person household

• 5047 kWh = 3-person household

Competitor Tariff Price

So on January 1, 2023, Vattenfall's Easy24 Electricity Tariff had the following details:

Vattenfall Easy24 Tariff

• Base Price= 13.40 €

• Working Price= 44.37 ct/kWh

• Sofortbonus = 30 €

• Neukundenbonus = 30 €

Ostrom SimplyDynamic Tariff

• Base Price = 5.18 EUR + 6 € Ostrom Fee= 11.18 €

• Working Price = EEX market price (avg. 24.55 ct/kWh for Jan 1 – Jun 30, 2023)

• No bonuses added (even though we have our 35€ referral program)

Vattenfall's Easy24 Tariff was the cheapest listed tariff on Check24 on the 1st of January, 2023

Even Benefit From Negative Energy Prices

Yes you heard that right, sometimes the price of electricity can actually go below zero! This is when either demand is the lowest at night, but more and more it’s during the afternoon when the wind and the sun are at blowing and shining to their max.

In short, you save more with a dynamic tariff!

In conclusion, our case study highlights the significant cost-saving benefits of Ostrom's SimplyDynamic tariff. By tracking the electricity market price, customers can enjoy substantial savings compared to fixed price plans. Our analysis revealed up to a 35% reduction in costs for the average German household when compared to the cheapest tariff on Check24.

Ostrom's data-driven approach and commitment to providing the best prices empower customers to optimize their energy usage and take advantage of low-cost and eco-friendly hours. By avoiding lock-in periods and passing on energy prices directly, Ostrom ensures that customers are not tied to high prices for extended periods. With the SimplyDynamic tariff, individuals and households can achieve considerable savings and contribute to a greener future.