Ostrom and E3/DC at Intersolar 2024 in Munich


Karl Villanueva


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At Intersolar 2024 in Munich, a significant collaboration between Ostrom, an innovator in dynamic electricity tariffs, and E3/DC, a leader in energy management solutions, was showcased. The interview featured Ostrom Co-Founder and CEO Matthias Martensen, alongside representatives from E3/DC, discussing the future of dynamic energy management and its implications for both companies.

The conversation highlighted the growing importance of dynamic electricity tariffs. These tariffs allow consumers to optimize their energy usage based on real-time price fluctuations, potentially leading to significant cost savings. E3/DC has integrated dynamic charging capabilities for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, enabling users to charge their devices during periods of lower electricity prices.

Matthias emphasized Ostrom’s role in simplifying energy management for consumers. By partnering with E3/DC, Ostrom ensures that users can automatically adjust their energy consumption. This integration provides full cost transparency and maximizes savings by utilizing real-time data from energy markets.

One of the notable features discussed was the incorporation of heat pumps into the dynamic energy management system. This addition allows households to generate warm energy efficiently during the cheapest electricity phases, further enhancing the overall energy savings.

The interview also explored the potential benefits during winter months when solar energy production is lower. Dynamic tariffs can capitalize on negative electricity prices often seen during high wind periods, enabling consumers to be paid for energy consumption.

The collaboration between Ostrom and E3/DC represents a significant step forward in the energy transition, aiming to make sustainable energy usage more accessible and cost-effective. The integration of smart meters is crucial for this advancement, and Ostrom is committed to providing these devices free of charge to E3/DC customers.

Overall, the partnership between Ostrom and E3/DC at Intersolar 2024 highlighted the future of dynamic energy management, promising significant savings and a streamlined approach to sustainable energy consumption.