Ostrom & E3/DC: Strategic Partnership for a Decentralized Energy Transition



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E3/DC Integrates Ostrom’s Dynamic Electricity Tariff

  • Ostrom and E3/DC have entered into a cooperation to make dynamic electricity tariffs available to E3/DC customers.
  • Through the home energy management system, E3/DC customers can optimize their electricity consumption based on market prices and significantly save on costs.

Press Release

Berlin/Osnabrück, [April 16, 2024] — Ostrom, a leading digital electricity provider specialized in dynamic tariffs, and E3/DC, a leading system provider for smart storage and charging technology, are entering into a strategic partnership. The plan is to integrate Ostrom’s dynamic electricity tariff into energy management with E3/DC systems. Solar PV owners can save substantial costs on electricity consumption and charge electric vehicles at optimized prices.

The partnership is an important step for both companies towards an efficient and sustainable energy future. With the integration of Ostrom's dynamic tariff, E3/DC can significantly expand options for customers and harness potential from volatility in the electricity market. The cooperation paves the way for a viable, decentralized energy supply.

Ostrom's dynamic tariff enables customers to purchase energy when it is most cost-effective. This is particularly attractive for users of an E3/DC home power station during periods of low solar radiation. In combination with a storage system and controllable devices such as heat pumps and electric car charging stations, a dynamic electricity tariff can significantly reduce costs.

In addition to this added value for E3/DC customers, the integration of the dynamic electricity tariff also contributes to the stability of power grids and enhances the use of renewable energies. When customers are able to align their electricity consumption with market prices, then they tend to use energy during the cheapest hours. These are also the periods when renewable sources generate a lot of electricity. Moreover, users of dynamic tariffs typically avoid electricity consumption during critical phases when supply is low and high consumption usually occurs. In this way, customers are active in better balancing fluctuations in production and consumption, and optimizing stability in power supply.

"The partnership with E3/DC is a significant milestone for Ostrom and underscores our commitment to advancing the energy transition through innovative solutions," says Matthias Martensen, Co-Founder of Ostrom. "Together, we not only offer our customers an optimized energy supply but also the opportunity to actively participate in shaping a more sustainable future."

"With the integration of dynamic electricity tariffs, we are implementing a key part of our 360° self-sufficiency concept in practice," emphasize Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink, CEO of E3/DC, and Antonius Bronstering, Chief Energy Management Services & Marketplaces Officer at E3/DC. "Besides smart, independent consumption of electricity, our customers can cover all other needs with favorable market prices." According to E3/DC, maximum self-sufficiency is achieved through software-supported interaction between the home power station, electric vehicles, and the electricity market, leading to maximum independence from fossil fuel power stations and outdated energy economic models.

About Ostrom

Ostrom is a green energy provider founded in 2021, based in Berlin, that helps consumers control and reduce their energy consumption through its intelligent energy management platform. The company offers its variable electricity tariff SimplyFair, the SimplyDynamic tariff with dynamic pricing supported by smart meters, Smart EV Charging, HVAC optimization, Solar-PV integrations, all controlled via the Ostrom app, and the Ostrom Store for smart home devices.

About E3/DC

E3/DC is a brand of HagerEnergy GmbH and part of the Hager Group. The company was founded in 2010 in Osnabrück. The three-phase DC technology (TriLINK®) and charging systems for electric vehicles developed by E3/DC ensure the highest levels of autonomy and savings in private and commercial properties, especially in the upper performance range. In 2021, E3/DC was awarded "Brand of the Century" for the third consecutive time. An independent installer survey conducted by EUPD Research also showed a very high recommendation rate for the company in 2023. In a customer satisfaction analysis by the institute, E3/DC once again achieved a "very good" rating for 2024. The ISO 9001 certified company employs over 300 staff members.

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