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A new addition to Ostrom’s list of partners, Soly! Just as Ostrom wants to create green electricity availability to everyone, Soly are on the journey to make solar energy accessible to anyone who wants to help build a sustainable world. Here, the official press release about this partnership with our new solar installations partner.

Ostrom and Soly announce strategic partnership

Berlin/ Düsseldorf, April 24, 2023 - Ostrom and Soly have agreed on a strategic partnership to combine their strengths and create synergies. Effective starting April 2023, customers of both companies will reap the benefits of the collaboration.

As part of the partnership, Ostrom will offer tariffs that suit the needs of the photovoltaic company's customers. The Ostrom tariff will allow Soly's customers to meet their energy needs with hourly electricity rates that also take advantage of local storage capacity.

Soly, in turn, will offer Ostrom customers exclusive conditions for the installation of a photovoltaic system as a complete package, including comprehensive advice, installation and maintenance. Through this cooperation, customers can enjoy high-quality products and services at attractive prices from both companies.

"We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with Soly," said Ostrom CEO Matthias Martensen. "Together we can offer unique benefits to our customers and combine our respective strengths and competencies to create a sustainable future."

Soly Germany CEO Alexander Brunst also expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, "We are thrilled to have Ostrom as a strategic partner. "Through this partnership, we can offer our customers a comprehensive solution for their energy needs while making a joint contribution to the energy transition."

Find Soly in the Ostrom app under "Store"

About Ostrom

The Berlin-based energy management platform Ostrom makes switching to green electricity affordable and straightforward for households in Germany. Unlike other energy providers with lengthy contracts, Ostrom offers only one flexible monthly tariff, end-to-end English and German support from the website to the live customer chat, and passes on the electricity, which comes from 100 percent renewable energy sources to its customers at the purchase price. Consumers can view their energy consumption and control their tariff in real time using the Ostrom app.

About Soly

Soly was founded in 2013 by brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen with the aim of making solar energy available to everyone. Since its inception, the company has become one of the leaders in the Dutch solar energy market. In 2022, Shell Ventures and the pension fund ABP took a minority stake in the company. In addition to the Netherlands, Soly is active in Belgium, South Africa and Germany. Soly is a certified B Corp, an international brand for companies that strive for the highest standards of sustainability, financial transparency and social justice.

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